Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Durbin's Comments: Part II

I don't know whether the fervor over Dick Durbin's remarks is dying down or not. I'm not going to dwell on the subject much longer. There's really nothing that I can add to the conversation. Pretty much anything worth saying has been said. Durbin has apologized for the things he said that caused this whole hullaballoo. Some people are satisfied. Others are not. Do I think Durbin should resign because of his remarks? No. Do I think Durbin should retire when his current term ends? Absolutely, but not because of his ridiculous comments. Dick Durbin should step down because he is absolutely useless as a senator. Someone with a clue should take his place in the Senate.

Anyway, I have nothing more to add re: Durbin's Guantanamo Bay stupidity. I'll just point to some of the more interesting comments I've come across.

This June 19 article by Sun Times columnist Mark Steyn is brilliant:

Durbin has been roundly criticized by both the right and the left. From Durbin's own Democratic Party we get this from Chicago Mayor Richard Daley:

"It's a disgrace and [Durbin] is a good friend of mine. But I think it's a
disgrace to say that any man or woman in the military acts like
[Nazis] or that a report is like that," Daley said. "You go and talk to
some victims of the Holocaust, and they will tell you horror
stories and there are not horror stories like that in Guantanamo Bay."
(Full article here: http://www.suntimes.com/output/sweet/cst-edt-sweet23.html)

I was also forwarded this email from a Texas Democrat to Dick Durbin:

"Dick, your recent comments relating Americans at Guantanamo
Bay to murderous, totalitarian regimes were truly disgraceful. You
should resign, buddy, before you take the entire Democratic Party
down with you."
Doug McLeod – Galveston, Texas,
former U.S. Marine, Texas State Legislator (Democrat), and lawyer

From the GOP side, we have this from Illinois Republican Party Chairman Andy McKenna:

"Supporting our troops is not a partisan issue, and we should all
come together with one voice to defend our military when
someone like Senator Durbin makes these kinds
of unfortunate statements.

There is absolutely no basis for comparing U.S. soldiers to the likes
of Nazis. Our troops are fighting a global war on terror to preserve
and protect democracy, just as past generations of American soldiers
battled fascists and communists to defeat totalitarianism. Their
heroism and patriotism deserve our heart-felt thanks and
appreciation, and not the cruel and demeaning criticism offered by
Senator Durbin."

That's about all I have to say, unless something new strikes me.

Dick Durbin: Wrong about Guantanamo.