Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Foreign policy is obvioisly a complicated issue, and it's an issue we'll probably return to in later posts. But here's a glimpse of Dick Durbin's record on foreign policy...

In 2002, the Chicago Tribune had this to say about Durbin's. position on Iraq:
"On Iraq, too, Durbin has been more hindrance than help. His record and his public statements on the use of U.S. military force have been all over the map for years..."(Read the whole article here.).

What is Durbin's record on the use of military force? As a congressman, he voted against authorizing force in the first Persian Gulf War. That is, Durbin. voted against liberating Kuwait from Saddam Hussein's forces. On the other hand, Durbin voted for the use of force in Kosovo. Then again, prior to the current conflict in Iraq, Durbin voted against the use of force.

More to come...