Saturday, June 25, 2005

Durbin's comments.

I will add more to this post and will revise it. There are many good quotes re: Durbin's comparing of US troops to Nazis, Communists, etc. I'll have to sort through all those comments, and put up the ones I like.

But I'll say this for the moment: Many people reacted to Durbin's comments with shock and outrage. I didn't. Well, sure, I was disgusted and angry. But I certainly wasn't surprised. What I am surprised about is how long it's taken people to realize what a dick Durbin really is.

You see, Durbin's been saying moronic things for years. I'm actually glad he finally said something outlandish enough to get people's attention. Now, hopefully the media will follow Durbin's speeches more carefully and will highlight his dumber remarks. The voters of this state have the right to know what their senator truly believes.

More to come...

Dick Durbin: Wrong about our troops.