Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Poll: 60% of Illinois Voters Are Clueless

Alright, so, every month Survey USA comes out with polls tracking the approval/disapproval ratings of each US senator. And this month's results just came out. And Illinois' senior senator, Dick Durbin, still has a higher favorability rating than he deserves, at 50%.

There is some good news, though. A recent Tribune poll said that only 26% of Illinoisans disapproved of Durbin's performanace. The Survey USA poll says that 40% of people disapprove. I hope Survey USA is right, and I hope more and more people realize what a joke Dick Durbin is. Among young people, the target audience of this blog, 48% approve, 40% disapprove, and 12% aren't sure. Some anti-Durbinite should get the attention of my peers and expose Durbin by running anti-Durbin ads during The OC or One Tree Hill or whatever it is my generation is choosing to watch!

See the poll here.