Monday, October 17, 2005

Durbin on Fox News Sunday

Chris Wallace grilled Dick Durbin on Fox News Sunday, yesterday. In case you missed it, read the transcript here.

The issues covered on the show:

The war on Iraq. Chris Wallace pointed out what was going right. Dick Durbin highlighted what he views as errors. Durbin, of course, offered no solutions to the problems he mentioned. Wallace caught Durbin on this, saying: "frankly, in your answer, I still didn't hear a plan."

The CIA leak case. ::yawn::

Harriet Miers. Dick Durbin said it was wrong of the president to bring up Harriet Miers' religion to drum up support for her, to which Wallace replied: "I've got to ask whether you were hypocritical, because you talked with Judge Roberts about his faith, the faith that you share, the Catholic faith, and what role that would play. So aren't you playing — didn't you bring up the religion issue just as much as the White House?" Why, yes! Dick Durbin is hypocritical. I'm glad someone called him on it!

The more Dick Durbin talks, the clearer his strategy to win his next election becomes. Here's his plan to stay in office, best as I can tell: criticize the president at every opportunity. I don't care if Dick Durbin likes or dislikes the president. I don't care if Illinois voters like or dislike the president. I do care that Dick Durbin can level plenty of criticism, but he can't offer any constructive feedback. C'mon, Dick, think of something brilliant! Get something done!

Dick Durbin is simply inept as a senator, and that's that.