Friday, September 16, 2005

Robert Novak Article

Jim Edgar becomes governor, Dick Durbin loses his Senate seat? Whatever it takes:

"Beyond the governorship, Democrats see Edgar reviving Republicans for 2008 in the Chicago suburbs. Democratic suburban growth has paced the party's current domination of Illinois.

Edgar as governor, according to this theory, would not only put Illinois in play for the presidential election but also endanger 2008 re-election prospects for Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin."

Read Bob Novak's article.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Dick Durbin : Paris Hilton Fan

"WASHINGTON -- Paris Hilton's name made John Roberts' Supreme Court nomination a bit sexier Thursday.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., interrupted the Judiciary Committee's somber discussion of constitutional matters with the suggestion that a recent case involving the hotel heiress should serve as a precedent for protecting the Senate panel's stolen records...

'I asked the attorney general to please ask our special counsel in this case to take a look at the precedent of the Paris Hilton case and see if he can perhaps protect our records as much as we want to protect that poor young lady's telephone records,' Durbin, said at the hearing."


Paris Hilton is a "poor young lady." Up is down, black is white, wrong is right in Dick Durbin World.


This man is supposed to represent me.

Durbin On Roberts

Dick Durbin, in his initial remarks to Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, said this:

"Judge Roberts, if you're confirmed, you will be the first Supreme Court justice in the 21st century. The basic question is this: Will you restrict the personal freedoms we enjoy as Americans or will you expand them?"

Am I wrong, or is that a stupid question? Is it really John Roberts' role --is it any judge's place-- to "expand" personal freedoms? Won't John Roberts' task be to interpret the Constitution and respect the rule of law? That is what a judge is supposed to do. A judge is not supposed to invent new freedoms or declare rights not found in the Constitution. And what new "freedoms" does Durbin have in mind? Is abortion-on-demand not enough? Should there be a right to infanticide, as well? How far should "personal freedoms" be expanded? It seems there is a lot of focus on rights, but little attention paid to responsibilities. And that's unfortunate.

Durbin addresses Roberts...

...and Durbin questions Roberts

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Sorry for the hiatus, everybody!
I graduated, moved out of my apartment, started looking for a job, started scoping out grad schools, etc. So, I was kind of too busy to post. "My bad," as the cool kids say.

Anyway, I'm back. Great news, eh?