Sunday, February 05, 2006

Teri O'Brien

890 WLS AM radio personality Teri O'Brien has a page of Durbin.-related articles, including some written by her, here.

Bipartisan legislation?!

Regarding the president's State of the Union address:

"Durbin said people were looking for new ideas that were lacking in the president's speech, specifically more detail on how to resolve the health-care crisis."

"Sen. Durbin was right. Bush didn't spend much time on healthcare. Maybe that's because Bush doesn't have the answers to rising costs. So Durbin should support the president's call for a bipartisan solution to increasing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid costs - the latter two being major factors in increasing healthcare costs for everyone. Earlier, the president offered and Democrats rejected his solution to Social Security, which prompted the only demonstrative Democratic jeering during his speech. But as the president reminded them, 'the problem is not going away.'" (article)

Amen, yeah buddy! Durbin should support the call for a bipartisan solution to these problems. Although he will probably continue to whine and attack and to highlight failures made by the president or others in Congress, wouldn't it be great if Durbin could work with fellow senators to get something done?

Everyone should demand this of Durbin: Less talk and more action!

What do YOU want the government to do?

"But while all people want America to be safe, most people really want the government to improve their lives."

--Sen. Dick Durbin, 2/03/2006

Is that most people want the government to do? To improve their lives? Are people so helpless that they need the government to step in and make things better? Isn't it up to people themselves to improve their lives?

Well, I, for one, don't trust Durbin's notion of "improvement" and don't want him "improving" my life.